Monday, 6 March 2017

Toilet roll and milk

I only went to the supermarket for some toilet roll and milk....

I wasn't expecting any good deals, as I was there earlier than when they normally reduce things right down. But I was in luck, and I think this has to be my best haul yet. £67.11 worth of goodies, for only £11.06!!!!

The biggest saving was on flowers. I picked up my weekly bundle of £1 daffodils, only to spy some reduced flowers and went to investigate. 19p a bunch! A £12 hand tied bouquet of flowers for 19p! So three bunches of flowers with a total full price of £24 cost an amazing 57p. 

I spread them all out, trimmed the ends and rearranged them to make two lovely new bouquets, one for the lounge and one for the dining table. That floristry course I did many years ago paid off. 

Just to finish off the day even better, I had a free dinner! Our lovely neighbours have gone away on holiday and instead of wasting their fridge contents decided to offer them to us. We had loads of lovely bits and pieces, and I used the chestnut mushrooms, chillies, tomatoes and  free range eggs to make a yummy omelette. 
Hopefully tomorrow I will do a post on the building works progress. 


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