Thursday, 11 January 2018

A bargain dinner

I had to pop out in the evening for a parents evening at Big Girl's school a few days ago. It was to help us to help them, by showing us relevant websites to go on at home and things we could download. Science I can cope with, as I've got a science degree, and English I was always good at so that's not a problem. But maths? Oh dear - algebra, it's come back to haunt me. I somehow managed to scrape through my GCSE maths without really understanding it, but now I'm stuck as I have a daughter who doesn't understand it either and I now have to try and explain it!

Anyway, I hadn't had any tea before going out, so thought I'd pop into M&S on the way home to grab something to eat. I'm so glad I did, I got heaps of bargains! 

Most times if you turn up at reducing time, it's mobbed, but this night there was only me and a few other people. And the lady doing the reducing just kept coming back with more and more stuff, my basket was overflowing. A basket full of goodies came to the grand total of £8.65, and I couldn't wait to get home and find out the proper price - an unbelievable £73.60!!

I think the Best Buy were the duck breasts - £7.50 down to just 75p. I don't think OH will eat the plum sauce, so I will have to think what to do with them (any suggestions gratefully received, although he doesn't like anything fancy). 

You often end up with a fridge full of things that need eating right away when you get reduced food, but I struck lucky with meat and ready meals for OH. I can make eleven meals out of this food for him, and they are all in the freezer so no need to rush eating them. The crispy breaded  turkey and cheese flatties were great too, at £5 for two down to just 50p, and I grabbed three packs of those. 

For tea I had pea and ricotta ravioli, followed by a rather scrummy chcoclate eclair (I grabbed two boxes of those as they were suitable for freezing). Shame none of us like egg custards, as there were boxes and boxes of those, at just 20p for a box of four. Maybe that shows that not many other people like egg custards either!

Speak soon 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Elf on the shelf - Dec 17-24th

Christmas is nearly here - one more sleep!! Well, by the time you read this, it will be all over, but I can be excited whilst I'm writing this. A bit of a mammoth Elvis overload, as I want to get it all done before the Big Day. 

December 17th

December 18th

I think Elvis could do with a comfier mattress...

December 19th

Ahoy there ye land lubbers! Fighting off a killer squid to get the treasure chest...

December 20th

I hope Elvis isn't after fish fingers for tea...

December 21st

December 22nd

December 23rd

December 24th

It's farewell from Elvis for another year, and he's left behind a few festive books for Little Boy to read...

Well that's it, mince pie for Santa and carrot for Rudolph are ready on the fireplace. Stockings are ready to be filled. 

Have a very merry Christmas, and I'll speak to you in the New Year!!


Saturday, 16 December 2017

Elf on the shelf - Dec 11-16th

Oh dear, I've just gone online to do an Elvis update, and realised my last post was still in draft - doh! Now I'm even more behind than I thought I was. 

December 11th

Elvis the elf was on Christmas tree maintenance today, ensuring all the presents were neatly arranged under the tree. Have you spotted him yet?

Shall I move in a bit closer for you...

Hello Elvis!

December 12th

Elvis was a bit naughty today. We woke up to find he had helped himself to OH's advent calendar. 

Just look at that face, like butter wouldn't melt (but the chocolate has, all over his cheeks!)...

He wasn't the only naughty one though, as I know he had taken more than one chocolate out of the calendar, but when we got up there was only one left. Who was him accomplice? I can tell you he is no longer, but he certainly had a substantial last supper...

Yes, a naughty mouse helped himself to the chocolate too, and ate about three times his weight in chocolate before he met his untimely end. We now have those sonic mouse deterrent things plugged in every free socket, and a new trap set, just in case he had a girlfriend still in residence. 

December 13th

There may have been snow outside, but Elvis decided to keep warm and make his snowman indoors...

December 14th

I think Elvis has been working too hard, and got run down. He has a bad case of Elf flu - let's hope the National Elf Service takes care of him!! 😂

He must have been feeling really bad, as he didn't turn up for work on the 15th. 

December 16th

One rule when you have an elf come to visit is that you mustn't touch him. So Little Boy was very pleased when he found Elvis today...

Little Boy loved the fact that he could 'hold' Elvis, and took him everywhere - to make breakfast, sit at the dinner table, showed him his room, watched tv with him. 

Another update soon

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Elf on the shelf -Dec 6-10th

Another elf update. Daily posts don't seem to be happening this year, so I'm aiming for four or five days per post. Here goes...

December 6th

Little Boy was not himself yesterday, not sure whether he was just tired, but he was just a bit naughty. Elvis appeared in the morning with this note from Father Christmas...

December 7th

Elvis was a bit cheeky himself the following day, we caught him having a movie night (at least he wore headphones so he wasn't noisy in the night) but he had helped himself to my expensive chocolates I got for my birthday...

December 8th

Riding on Tatty teddy Santa's sleigh...

December 9th

I think this cold spell made Elvis wish he was in warmer climes. We found him floating in a boat in the kitchen sink, whilst enjoying a fresh orange juice...


And finally, this morning he was discovered sitting on my chair, having a go at my knitting. I'm guessing he's still learning how to cable, as he was studying a knitting book at the same time...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Elf on the shelf - Dec 2-5th

The children went to brush their teeth before school today, and found this...

Elvis was having a sleepover, with Shrek & the Cookie Monster in the sink! Why in the sink, who knows, but they certainly weren't slumming it - they'd used a hand towel as a pillow, and as a blanket they used a hot water bottle cover I made (years ago when I first learnt to knit) from baby alpaca wool!

I love the look Shrek is giving Cookie Monster - it's like, 'Who farted?'

I know I haven't posted daily, but the last few days were pretty uneventful. In case you want to know what he got up to...

December 2nd...
Just chilling with some winter pals

December 3rd...
Elvis must have done a bit of rock climbing to get up here! Yes, that is our lounge wall, most definitely a work in progress 🙂

I almost forgot December 4th...
Elvis made himself into a little advent calendar, and brought the children some chocolates. Amazingly, Big Girl managed to open her day on her calendar, on the right, without even noticing him!

Who knows what he will get up to next. 

Speak soon

Friday, 1 December 2017

Welcome back Elvis!

Those of you who have been following me since last Christmas, will remember we had a visit from the Elf on the shelf. Our little visitor was named Elvis, and he made his first reappearance of the year this morning.
The children came down to find Elvis lying on the kitchen table, with a note and a special present from Father Christmas....

Speak soon 


Thursday, 30 November 2017

Xmas? Bring it on!

I'm sorry. I couldn't wait any longer. Christmas brings out the child in me. I've never done this before, but I have a confession to make - it's only November but the tree is up!!!!

Well my justification is that I finished wrapping my presents yesterday, and needed somewhere to put them, so of course I needed the tree up then I could artfully arrange them underneath (done since the photo above). I've never put up xmas decorations in November before, and I can't even blame over excitement in the children, as Big Girl warned me I shouldn't put them up until December. But she was singing Christmas carols the other day, which I've always believed was bad luck before December, so that's the bad luck curse out of the way. And it's the 1st tomorrow anyway, so what's a day amongst friends?

Bring it on Father Christmas - we are ready for you!!

Speak soon