Thursday, 9 March 2017

Let the building commence!

We have finally got some builders sorted, so it's all systems go! OH dismantled the old conservatory a few weekends ago, and cut it up so I could take it to the scrap yard. Only got £54 for the steel but better than nothing I guess. 

Do you remember the mystery oval shape in the soil we discovered when we removed the gravel from the patio? We thought it looked like a pond, but thought surely it couldn't be as it was built right over the main drain. Well I guess it must have been a pond, as can you see the electric cable running from the conservatory to the pond....

Then it was time for the builders to come, to break up the old conservatory base and divert the drainage...

Little Boy enjoyed having his own personal digger show in the back garden!

The original drain ran in a straight line which would have gone under the edge of the new conservatory footings, so it had to be diverted meaning two more manhole covers in the patio. 

The pile of soil on the front drive gradually got bigger, then the grabhire lorry came to scoop it all up. The disadvantage is it makes a big mess piling up all the soil somewhere, but the advantage is it is much much cheaper than hiring skips. 

At least the weather stayed fine, so we didn't have a wet, muddy pile!


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