Friday, 21 April 2017

Half term entertainment

It was finally back to school last week, after a longer than usual half term. Little Boy seemed a bit under the weather the week before the holidays. When I took his top off to get him in his pyjamas I discovered why...

Chickenpox!!!! Obviously he then couldn't go to nursery, so he was actually off for three weeks rather than just two. He was a model patient, and didn't itch at all. Whenever he had an itchy spot, he would come and tell me and I would put some gel on it. I veered away from the traditional calamine lotion, as I had read that when it dries it can actually be the cause of some itchiness, but instead used ViraSoothe.   It wasn't cheap, at nearly £9 for a 75g tube, but it worked a treat. 

So by the start of the actual half term he was feeling better. We don't splash out lots on days out, but we did have a few nice outings. 

Cotswold wildlife park in Burford

A day out for the children with Nanny and Grandy. Set in 160 acres of parkland, it houses a wide variety of birds and mammals, many of which are endangered in the wild. There's lots to see, including a walk through Madagascar exhibit, Reptile house, and children's farmyard. A miniature train takes you for a ride around the park, but you have to pay extra for that. The adventure playground is amazing, and big enough for adults to go on too (I may have tried it out, purely to keep an eye on Little Boy of course!). For plant lovers there are beautiful landscaped gardens in the walled garden. 

Did you spot Little Boy above with his red painted finger nails? Joys of having a big sister, you get your nails painted a variety of colours in the holidays!

Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury

OH came here too, so a rare 'complete' family day out!

Not only is it great looking around inside the castle, but outside is just as fun, with an adventure playground, knight's maze, and junior assault course....

It's also home to the Land Rover experience, but at nearly £300 for a half day experience is a bit beyond our budget!

A walk in the park

Well it's not actually a park, it's Rose Bank Gardens at the foot of the Malvern Hills. We had a bit of time to kill and thought we'd have a mooch around. Not a lot in there, but a pleasant little walk around, with lovely far reaching views. 

Another walk
This time it was a walk with my sister and her dog in some woods near Suckley. The photos don't do it justice, as the bluebells looked gorgeous. 

I'm sure Little Boy was a dog in a former life. His little hands are stick magnets, and we can't go anywhere without him zooming in on any stick he spies. He was actually struggling to walk with his twiggy bundle, until we suggested maybe he left it on the path for the next little boy who came along who might like some. 

On the home front there was gingerbread decorating (Big Girl's on the left, Little Boy's on the right)....

Mud pie making....

And to wrap up the holidays nicely, I had a phone call from our local Countrywide store to say that Little Boy had won their colouring competition! Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of his entry (bad mummy) but it was an Easter bunny. His entry goes into the next round, and if he wins the national round he wins even more Tractor Ted goodies!

Well done if you reached the end, that was a mammoth post! 

Next time, I will show you the rest of the building works, as the outside is now finished!!