Monday, 19 June 2017

What's in the box?

A knock on the door the other day  - a parcel for me! It was quite large so I couldn't think what it could possibly be. The delivery driver read out the name of the sender, nope that doesn't ring a bell. Then he read out the customs slip which describes the contents of the parcel - two mugs. Nope, still not remembering. I explained I enter a lot of competitions, so maybe I had won something. 

So what was inside this big box with all the packaging? Three little bags of buttons!
I ordered them online a few weeks ago for Big Girl for a Christmas stocking. Coming from China I was dubious of the quality as they were quite cheap, but I was really pleased with them. They were a good quality and a great range of colours and styles. I'd love to get some more for myself, but I'm very anti excessive packaging, and this was taking it to extremes. I guess they were making sure there were no damages, but I think a decent Jiffy bag would be fine for a bag of buttons. 

Well at least the box was put to good use - a lounge full of comfy armchairs and a sofa, and Little Boy decided to sit in the box to watch telly!

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