Monday, 19 June 2017

What's in the box?

A knock on the door the other day  - a parcel for me! It was quite large so I couldn't think what it could possibly be. The delivery driver read out the name of the sender, nope that doesn't ring a bell. Then he read out the customs slip which describes the contents of the parcel - two mugs. Nope, still not remembering. I explained I enter a lot of competitions, so maybe I had won something. 

So what was inside this big box with all the packaging? Three little bags of buttons!
I ordered them online a few weeks ago for Big Girl for a Christmas stocking. Coming from China I was dubious of the quality as they were quite cheap, but I was really pleased with them. They were a good quality and a great range of colours and styles. I'd love to get some more for myself, but I'm very anti excessive packaging, and this was taking it to extremes. I guess they were making sure there were no damages, but I think a decent Jiffy bag would be fine for a bag of buttons. 

Well at least the box was put to good use - a lounge full of comfy armchairs and a sofa, and Little Boy decided to sit in the box to watch telly!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Rubble to the tip trips

Now the outside of the house is virtually finished, we can concentrate on the inside. Next job on the list was to knock down the wall that was the front of the house, but is now taking up room in our lounge. We could have had another grab hire but that would have meant weeks of rubble piled on our drive until we had enough to justify the cost, so we decided to take it to the tip ourselves. Seeing as OH has a van, and we don't have a permit for it for the tip, it was down to my poor car to be the workhorse. 
It doesn't look like there is much in the boot, but it was sure heavy, and so it took many, many, many trips to get rid of a whole wall. Good job the tip is just a few minutes down the road. 

OH stayed at home, knocking down the wall brick by brick, then passing them through the window to me. We had to take our time and do it carefully as we still had all our stuff in the lounge and didn't want it covered in dust! I had the job of heaving it all into the car then heaving it all out the other end. I was worn out by the end of the day. 

The photo below shows OH in the extension part. It looks tiny, but once the inside wall was taken down it made a huge difference to the sense of space in the lounge. 

My reward for all the lifting and sweating was a freebie! On one of trips I pulled up to the rubble skip and saw this perched on top. As long as you don't actually get in the skip they turn a blind eye if something decides to 'fall into your car'. So this beauty came home with me. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, just needed a bit of a clean. 

Planted up with a grass and some huecheras it now stands guard at the front door with my other blue pot (which incidentally also came from the tip, but that one was a different tip where they sell stuff, cost me £2 if I remember). I just have to set up the self watering system then they will all look after themselves. 

It's Fathers Day this weekend, supposed to be the hottest day of the year! Hope all you fathers out there have a fab day.