Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A walk in the woods with a sore thumb

Last weekend we (Big Girl, Little Boy and myself) went for a walk around Worcester Woods Country Park. There are two trails - a meadow trail and a woodland trail, and we decided to do the woodland walk. It's half a mile and they say it takes 40 minutes but even with a little person we did it in half an hour. 

It's a haven for dog walkers, so I'd avoid it if you aren't keen on pooches as annoyingly a large majority of people thought it was okay to let their dogs run free. It can be a little intimidating for little people when a great big hairy beast comes charging down the path towards you!

It's well signposted, and Little Boy enjoyed looking for the next number and telling us which way it was pointing....

The woodland pond looked a bit manky...

Do you notice a recurring theme in these photos - it's like a game of Where's Wally with that little red bobble hat and scarf!

On a cold winter day I'd recommend wellies as it was rather muddy in places.

There were several trees wearing a lovely skirt of moss, and one tree stump had been turned into a mushroom!

It was nearly lunch time when we finished our walk, so we decided to have lunch at the cafe. I can thoroughly recommend the Orchard cafe, it's fairly priced and there's a good selection of meals and drinks. Plus they are hot on free range, organic and Fairtrade goods. 

We had a free range bacon sandwich, a kids breakfast and an all day breakfast with free range eggs and thick sliced bacon and the most delicious free range sausages which they get from a local Worcester butcher (wish I could remember the name as I'd love to get some). The one thing we weren't keen on was the homemade baked beans. I guess if I didn't know what 'normal' baked beans tasted like I may have liked them. 

The observant amongst you may have noticed a rather large bandage on Little Boy's thumb in the photo above. Unfortunately I managed to shut his thumb in the front door last week :-(  Amazingly nothing was broken (just the tiniest little bone fracture right on the tip), as I was told that little people have surprisingly bendy bones, thank goodness. We had several trips a week to the hospital for clean dressings and a check up with the doctor, and it's looking so much better already. I haven't posted any photos as it did look rather horrendous and I know some people are rather squeamish about things like that. It must have hurt so much, and he has been the model patient, bless him. 

After lunch we had a bit of time to explore the playground. There is a section for the little kids....

And also a section for the bigger kids....

So after a little play we headed home with tired legs and full tummies



  1. Pleased you enjoyed being out in the fresh air even with all the mud and the dogs running loose. I love the photo of your little boy stamping in the muddy puddle, it took me right back to when my youngest son used to do just that. I hope his thumb is better very soon. The Orchard Cafe sounds lovely and just the place to go after a walk. xx

    1. Yes Jan, it is a lovely place and I'm sure we'll go again xx

  2. What a great place to go for a walk, especially if there are lovely eats at the end of it. Hope that your son's thumb will be OK, sounds as if he is mending well. xx

  3. Thanks Amy, yes it's amazing how quickly little people heal. It's already looking so much better (even though his nail has now fallen off) xx

  4. That's wot u call a big breakfast