Friday, 19 February 2016

A spot of potato stamping

A crafty session was in order on the last day of half term. Big Girl had wanted to go to the safari park, but at £29 for one adult and one child over three (plus extra for rides, food etc) that wasn't an option. So I thought we'd do some potato stamping. I know, it doesn't compare to giraffes and elephants but I'm trying!

By the time I took the photo above, Little Boy had already worked his way through all the stamps and a pile of my photocopy paper, and was onto abstract splodging and smearing!
As I got the potatoes out to make shapes I had a brainwave. Usually I spend ages with a sharp knife trying to cut out shapes that end up looking pretty rubbish. Then, lightbulb moment, why not use biscuit cutter! Am I way behind here, is that old news? Anyway, would you like to see how I did it?

It's very easy, basically just find a potato big enough to fit your cutter in when cut in half. Press your cutter in as far as you can (I found it easier to turn potato over so cutter is underneath and press down onto the top of the potato to push cutter in further). 

Then just cut carefully around the edge about 1cm down to create a raised shape....

Then hey presto, you have a perfectly shaped potato stamper, and a lovely little heart cut out. I guess save wasting that, you could fry them in a bit of butter for tea!

Little Boy went for random shapes (but refused to do more than one colour per piece of paper), whilst Big Girl combined stamping with freehand painting to make some pictures as presents. 

So amusing the kids in the holidays doesn't need to cost a fortune, and it was refreshing to have a good old fashioned 'crafty' session without an iPad or tv in sight!


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  1. How wonderful that your children enjoyed a day at home enjoying some crafting. I think that it is expected nowadays that you will take your children out each and everyday of the holidays but occasionally a day at home can be just as much fun for them (and much cheaper)! xx