Sunday, 7 February 2016

A very windy walk

It was supposed to be a wet day today but didn't turn out too bad, so we decided to go for a walk up the Malvern Hills. It took longer than it should have done though, as we got there and realised we had forgotten Little Boy's wellies so we had to go home and get them :-(
It was cold but not too bad; it was the wind that was biting. Storm Imogen is on her way, but it felt like she was already here! We covered up well, with just a tiny bit of face showing. Little Boy's cheeks were very soon a rosy pink colour. 

I didn't take any scenic photos as the sky was a bit grey and murky. Shame, as the views up here are fantastic and far reaching on a sunny day. 

The wind was unbelievably strong on the top of the hill, and you could even do that thing where you can lean back and the wind holds you up. Little Boy thought it was hilarious to stand on the top and then get blown down the hill. There were a few hairy moments as he had no fear, and we had to make sure there was some one on hand to catch him at all times!

After that blowy experience we decide refreshments were needed, so stopped at The Kettle Sings. It's a licensed restaurant and cafe in Upper Colwall, built in 1928.

The inside is warm and cosy, and they even have a selection of cards for sale. You can eat inside, or there is a conservatory which runs the length of the building, with views over the Herefordshire countryside towards Wales. They provide a sheet on each table showing what you can see out of the window. 

We only just managed afternoon tea. Last serving is 3.45, and we arrived at 3.42! The cakes were scrummy, and I got a huge pot of tea all to myself, whilst everyone else had a hot chocolate. 

Home at last, we decided to put our pjs on, and have a TV dinner of pizza and chips whilst watching the Minions movie. All in all a good day :-)



  1. Your post has brought back some happy memories of times spent on the Malverns and visiting The Kettle Sings. I love the photos of your little boy such a fun time. xx

    1. Yes, it's sometimes a chore to get everyone motivated and out of the house, but when they do they enjoy themselves! Xx

  2. What a wonderful walk and a great treat at the end of it!! xx

  3. It's always nice to end with a treat! xx