Saturday, 9 January 2016

A win for the New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
Did you make any New Years resolutions, and if so have you kept to them? We've been too busy with our new home, unpacking and sorting, to think about things like that. And I certainly couldn't do anything silly like promise to give up chocolate - that would be guaranteed to fail!

I've had good news already this year - I won a giveaway!
The lovely Sara (flowertotmum) from the blog Frugal in Lincolnshire ( was having a clear out and decided to host a giveaway. All you had to do was leave a comment. 
Here's what arrived in the post....

Would you like to see what I got? Here it is....
A pair of 3.5mm wooden knitting needles, a 4.5mm metal crochet hook and a very pretty card thanking me for entering her giveaway. I mentioned in my comment that my daughter was interested in crochet, and was wanting to start up crafty things, so I said that if I won she would be getting them. 
I've very sad now I've seen them, as I want to keep them, but I'm a woman of my word, so into her crafty bag they go. Thanks very much Sara. 

We have already started work on our new home. Access was needed from one part of the attic to the other, and OH spent all Saturday knocking through. I decided it was better to tidy up as we went along and we bagged all the rubble up and I took it straight to the tip (I can thoroughly recommend the rubble sacks from Screwfix by the way, they've been reused three times and still going strong). Not too happy about it all going in the boot of my car though, but it saved the expense of getting a skip. 

As I was unloading my car at the tip, a little old lady appeared with a crate of things. I went to offer to help her put it in the skip, but when I saw what it was I asked if I could have it instead....

Some of the pots still had their £5 or £6 price tags on them. She said they were from a charity shop (I guess she was a helper) and she didn't like throwing them away. I suppose charity shops keep things for a certain length of time, then just have to get rid of them. Shame as somebody has donated them thinking they were going to a good home. 

I couldn't really pick out just the bits I wanted, so I emptied the lot into my boot. The knick knacks weren't to my taste, but Big Girl has a magpie instinct, and I knew she'd love all this 'tat'!

My second trip to the tip resulted in another nice surprise....

Yep, more pots! These ones were actually already in the rubble skip, but had been carefully stacked on top. I think someone had been having a clear out but had put them in hoping someone like me would come along and remove them! They needed a bit of a clean with some soapy water, but they are all in perfect order, and some even still had the price tags on the bottom....

My third and final trip didn't result in any free goodies, but seeing as the tip is only down the road from Morrisons, I decided to pop in. 3pm on a Sunday is a great time to go to our local store, and I got £30.95 worth of food for only £3.10! 90% reduction sounds good to me :-)

So the weekend has been full of presents, freebies and bargains; what more could a girl ask for?
Well I guess the winning ticket for the £66,000,000 lottery would have been nice :-)
On that note, I'm off to fill my freezer!
Speak soon


  1. Wow, you have done well! You are all set for plant pots now that is sure! It is a shame that these things were being thrown away, some dumps have a recycling area for bric a brack - never sure how to spell that! - and if we cannot take stuff to the charity shop we take it there. Hopefully it gets reused! xx

    1. Yes, they have a recycling area at the tip near my mum's house, everything is either £1 or £2 and you get some great bargains. It's unbelievable what some people throw away, it's so wrong

  2. Wow! It has certainly been your lucky week to get some bargains and congratulations on winning the giveaway. I hope your daughter enjoys the crafting. Can I be cheeky and ask a question, I can never get blogger to work on my iPad for creating blog posts and it would be so handy if I could rather than having to have access to my computer, do you have a special app to do it? xx

    1. Thanks Jan. I use the Blogger app on my iPad and don't have any problems but it is more limited. If I need to put in any links, change text size etc I have to finish it on the computer. Xx

    2. Thank you Claire, I will give it a go. xx