Thursday, 16 March 2017

Over site - extension works continue

Right where were we? It's been six weeks since I last posted, the builders have been and gone already and I'm only just beginning to tell you about it!

Footings dug...

More BIG piles of soil on our drive...

Here comes the ready mix...

And we are out of the ground at last!

I had to sit back and watch the garden get trashed - diggers, wheelbarrows, piles of bricks. At least the garden didn't look to smart too start with. 

Out the front of the house there is a small extension to the lounge, to bring the whole of the house in line. It kind of looks like it's not worth the effort, but will make a big difference when it's knocked through inside. 

Inside the house is chaos too. The one bathroom has been ripped out completely, and the toilet in the other one taken out too. The shower in that room is still there with some temporary pipe taking the water down through the ceiling, into the downstairs toilet and out through a hole in the wall! We have a toilet still downstairs, but upstairs now there is only a portaloo - with strict instructions for night time use only and definitely no number twos!

Did you spot the iPad in the photo above, propped on the sink? He pretends he's busy, but secretly he's watching the football!

The bath was so heavy OH had to smash it up so we could haul it downstairs. Boy was it noisy when he was doing that, it was like someone ringing church bells in the house - good job he's already got tinnitus as I think that noise would have started it anyway (he did wear ear muffs, but it was still loud). We left the pieces in the front garden and it soon disappeared. I won't name names, but there are certain people who patrol the area looking for scrap, and are quick to take anything off your hands. I would have taken it to the scrap yard myself to get something for it, but it was too heavy and big to manhandle into the car!

I'll leave you with some cheery photos of the daffodils in the garden, taken in April but I forgot to show you 😊. I'm going to try and get at least one post a week done, as I'm just so slack at blogging at the moment but have so much to say. Too much to do and too little time to do it. I think we need a four day week don't you, or an extra four hours a day. 


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