Monday, 29 May 2017

First strawberry

We've finally picked the first strawberry from the garden this year, and it was deeelicious! Unfortunately only one was ready, so split into three it didn't go far (Little One was in bed, so we only had to share between three of us!). 

I originally bought one of these big planters, which holds loads of strawberry plants. It has some netting to cover over the fruit when it is ripening. I've learnt from last year not to put it on too early though, as if you do the strawberries just grow through the netting, then you can't take it off! It's great but I didn't really think when I placed it, as the plants around the back don't get much sun so are a lot smaller and don't produce much fruit. Maybe we should have put it on a spinning jenny so I could turn it around ;-)

This year I decided to use a three tier basket to put some of the runners in from the plants above. This is where our first strawberry of the season came from. I've planted some lobelia in there as well. The plan is to trick the birds so they only see flowers and not my yummy fruit. I'll let you know if my plan works!

Speak soon

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