Sunday, 22 May 2016

Two trips to the tip and my freebies

I promised you last time that I'd show you my goodies I rescued from the tip. I was dropping off some plasterboard from when we knocked down the kitchen ceiling. I saw a man carrying a large bag of old plates and presumed they must be broken or chipped. When he'd gone I peeped over the edge and saw that there wasn't actually anything wrong with them. Lots weren't salvageable as they had been broken when he dropped them in, but I managed to save some. 
The tea cup is Staffordshire bone china, and I so wish I could have got a saucer with it. I also got a Royal Osborne milk jug, an English Delft plate and a Royal Doulton platter. I looked online and found a similar platter for sale (in 'good', not 'excellent' condition) for £54!! 

I also got a bird feeder. I chucked it in the car without paying much attention to it, and didn't notice until I got home that it's a lovely solid metal one. I thought it was a cheap plastic one. 
Little Boy and I visited mum again this week. She had some recycling to take to the tip, so we just had to visit her tip too! If you have the cheek to ask people if you can rehome their things, you can save some unbelievable stuff. I can't see how people can throw away perfectly good things, when there are so many people out there in need. 
All the tools below came from one man. He was moving house and didn't want to take them with him. The shears are surprisingly sharp (I used them in the garden today) and I used the saw thingy to cut back a shrub. I've got a lovely new one I won in a competition, but I didn't want to use that one today as I had to cut right down near the ground and didn't want it getting all covered in soil. So out came my salvaged saw! The hammer and screwdriver have gone in my bits and pieces cupboard. It's so annoying I'm married to a carpenter, but never have any tools when I need them as he has taken them all to work with him. OH had some of the files and the bolster to put in his tool box, and the rest have gone as spares in the shed. The only poor tool that didn't make it was the pliers as they were too rusty. 

This one was an exciting rummage when we got home - a big bag full of gift bags! All in excellent condition, still with unwritten on labels attached. I've shown a few on the floor, but there are loads more in the spotty bag, and mum had quite a few too. 

Next, a plant stand. I know, it's a bit dated but I'm going to paint it and put plants on it in the new sun room. Watch this space. Don't hold your breath though, as it will be a looooong time before I have a sun room to put my plant stand in. This wasnt actually a freebie though. The refuse centre at Cirencester have a couple of shipping containers where they put things they rescue from going in the skip. You can get some great bargains there, as they sell things for only £1, £2 or £3. This plant stand was £3. 

I love my new spotty teapot. It's a John Lewis one (saw a similar one online for £24) and is in perfect condition. I put it in the dishwasher and it came out sparkling. Trying to work out why it was thrown away, I did wonder whether it was a dribbler, but I tried it out and it pours perfectly. Cost - 50p
Last but not least is the metal container. I'll give it a wash and use it for house plants I think. That was another rescued freebie. 

So there you go, that's all my new stuff I have to find a home for. But how could I say no when you can get all that for only £3.50 - and I didn't even have to pay as mum treated me. Win win!!


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  1. I love all your 'finds', what a shame some of the crockery got broken as it was hurled i to the skip but great that you were able to rescue some of it. Your spotty teapot is very pretty and the gift bags were a great find as they are so expensive to buy. xx