Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday 13th - unlucky or just clumsy?

Well it's Friday the 13th today. I guess I'm fairly superstitious - I don't walk under ladders, open umbrellas indoors, and would dread breaking a mirror. So I do breathe a sigh of relief when a Friday the 13th goes by without a hitch. Today was nearly one of those days, until I got tea out of the oven. This is what OH's tea supposed to look like...

Nothing special, just a chicken pie. But it needed up looking like this...

As I took it out of the oven it slipped out of my hand, and I watched it crumble into pieces and the gravy contents drip down the front of the cooker and onto the floor. To make matters worse, there is a tray space at the side of the cooker, and several of the lap trays were covered in bits of soggy chicken and peas. 
So his tea ended up being the bits of pastry that stayed on the worktop rather than the floor. The egg didn't escape either - I was that busy scraping up pie I forgot it so it got a bit well done. 
Oh well, all over now. My tea was nice anyway, homemade soup in my new slow cooker!


  1. Oh Claire, not good! I had a terrible 13th too, you have my sympathy!

  2. Oh dear Claire, not a good ending to the day. I hope your OH saw the funny side! xx