Thursday, 5 May 2016

More car boot finds & lots of mess

I can't believe how time has flown by. It's been nearly two weeks now since I last posted, as I'm telling you about last weekend, and it's Friday now. OH keeps stealing my iPad in the evening to watch football on BT Sport, so I don't get to do my blog as often as I like at the minute. 
It was another successful car boot rummage on Saturday, and this wall hanging just had to come home with me...

I also spotted a packet of buttons, and asked the lady how much she wanted. She said it was 50p for the basket full of stuff which included the buttons. I was quite happy with that, as I would have paid 50p just for the buttons. When I got home I opened it up and had a rummage. There were two pairs of scissors (which are surprisingly sharp), a stitch holder, some pins and needles, bobbins, thread, snap fasteners, hooks and eyes, and some more vintage buttons. So I was quite pleased with my bargain!

Seeing as it was a Bank Holiday, OH had the Monday off and we got on with some house demolition. Having done this sort of thing in several of our houses, I certainly wasn't looking forward to the dust and mess. The place needs re-wiring, and it was a choice of either taking up floorboards upstairs or taking down ceilings downstairs. We opted for the latter; more mess but makes it easier for the electrician. Before...

And after...

Surprising what a difference a dark ceiling makes, seems quite oppressive. There was also a wall to knock down in my study, so we took that down at the same time. That's OH playing silly beggars in the photo below, with a dust mask on his head. 

This is taken in my study, which now has a view down the staircase! We've had to put a board across there for now, as it wasn't very safe with a little one in the house. 

Outside I have been planting potatoes in compost bags. Just leave some compost in the bottom of the sack, add three chitted potatoes and top up with compost to cover them. When they start sprouting, just keep covering them with more compost, unrolling the sides of the bag as you go. I've got mine lined up against the house wall. In New Zealand we had a 900 sq m veg garden, and grew lots of different veg ( including enormous pumpkins, melons, lemons, mandarins, butternut squash, and heaps more). However, we were in the far north, which has a humid climate, and wasn't the best place for potatoes and most years both the potatoes and tomatoes succumbed to blight. Let's hope we are more successful over here!



  1. Gosh, you have been busy. I rather like the beamed effect in your hall now! Great photo of hubby in a dust mask but that drop is a bit scary. Fantastic idea about growing potatoes in a compost bag - I'm just coming to the end of one,so might give it a go. Your car boot find was a real bargain! Have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. Hope your potato growing goes well! Great find with the sewing things for just 50p. Hope too that the building works all go well! xx

  3. A great haul from the car boot rummage, how great to pick up that basket of crafting goodies for 50p. Good luck with the demolition and refurbishment, I don't envy you that one. Let us know how your potato growing goes. xx