Monday, 16 May 2016

Sunbathing? Not likely!

Sunday morning dawned, and looking out of the bedroom window it looked like the weather was going to be a repeat of Saturday. Saturday consisted of a glorious sunny day, with a stroll around the car boot in the morning and relaxing in the garden eating ice cream in the afternoon. 

We have a lovely view of the Malvern hills from our house. I can't get over how lush and green the garden has got over the last few weeks. They say to buy a house in the depths of winter don't they, as if you like it when it's gloomy and nothing is growing, it can only get better. Several unknown shrubs which I was thinking of getting rid of have started flowering, and next door's lilac has come out, and we have an apple tree near the bench which is in blossom. I'd like to keep it but it hasn't been maintained at all, and has several mature branches crossing over and rubbing against each other. Should I get rid of it and start again, or try and save it?

However my notions of lazing in the sun were dashed when OH suggested we knock down the kitchen  ceiling. Do you think he's getting me back for the dropped pie incident the other day?! How could I resist such a tempting offer? Well I guess it needs doing, so no point putting it off.
So here's the before...

The old larder where the fridge is had to come out, so when the old stairs come out, they can get the new ones in

Oh dear, the dust, the mess. Renovating properties is a bit like childbirth - when you actually experience it you say 'never again'. But the outcome outweighs the current discomfort (okay, childbirth is a bit more than discomfort, but you get what I'm trying to say). We have done up quite a few properties now, and it has meant we have been able to move up the property ladder considerably from our first house. Obviously having a very handy husband means we have saved a lot of money by doing things ourselves. 

As soon as it was all down it was shovelled up and took down to the tip (I've got more goodies to show you that I got at the tip again!). It doesn't look too bad now it's clean and tidy again, as long as you don't look up - I said don't look up!

What happened to the 'months rain in a day' that was due yesterday? The sky was black, but we only had a spot of rain. 

Next time I'll show you my freebies


  1. My goodness you really are renovating! I hope that it all goes really well!

  2. What a fantastic view from your bedroom window. I'm very impressed with your renovation skills. We're more a 'take the floorboards up' rather than a 'take the ceiling down' kind of household and everything seems to take forever. I can't wait to see your tip treasures - we went to our's recently but there was nothing to rescue/buy; everything salvageable goes to the local furniture project. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  3. How lucky you are to be within sight of the glorious Malvern hills. We haven't visited the area for sometime but it will always hold a special place in my heart, my DH used to holiday in the area when he was young and it was one of the first places we went together when we first met. xx

    1. Well if ever you are in the vicinity again, you are more than welcome to pop in for a cup of tea! Xx