Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter everyone!!

Happy Easter to you all!

Good Friday was gorgeous wasn't it. Little Boy and I went over to my mum's house to help to do a spot of gardening, and the weather was just right. He had fun with his diggers and trucks loading up gravel from the drive, whilst I got stuck in trimming back the rambling rose and generally tidying and deadheading.  

We don't go overboard at Easter time but it's hard not to get a little involved, especially when you have children. I'm not religious in the slightest, but I think it's a good idea that they have a basic idea of why we have Easter, and the significance of Easter eggs, hot cross buns etc. They don't get heaps of eggs, and I don't like to just buy a commercially packaged egg as I think all you are really paying for is the printed box. I like to put a bit more effort and thought into a gift, so I bought two little wicker baskets and filled them with a variety of Easter related goodies, one with a Peppa Pig theme and the other one Minions. My favourite item has got to be the little fluffy chick. When you put him on your hand and stroke him he cheeps like a real little chick - aaahh!

Easter baking was a simple affair this year, as I've caught OH's cold and really don't feel like doing much. I just made a fairy cake recipe, and decorated them with coloured icing topped with mini eggs and pieces of flake. Little Boy helped colour the icing, and its a good job we are replacing our kitchen as we now have a lovely little yellow patch on the worktop!

My favourite Easter make was the door wreath. I'm lucky we have a great floristry wholesalers in our area, but I also collected bits and pieces for it from Waitrose and Amazon. All I need now is to find a good but not too expensive wreath holder to keep it safe from one year until the next. 

It's one of my sister's birthday today, and my mum's on Monday, so we had a family get together today, with an Easter egg hunt for the kids followed by a Moroccan inspired lunch. So we all had a great Easter (apart from my crappy cold), hope you did too. 
Back soon with some holiday photos of our short break in Carmarthenshire



  1. Gorgeous wreath and your Easter baskets are adorable. Also, why have I never thought to put flake on cakes?! Hope you're feeling better soon; take care of yourself. xx

  2. I love your gorgeous Easter wreath and your little Easter baskets. Hope you feel better very soon. xx