Sunday, 13 March 2016

Brockhampton Part II

Yes, we are back again already! OH was a bit more mobile on the Sunday, so agreed to come back with us and finish our tour of Brockhampton. The day was even nicer than Saturday, and it registered 12 degrees on the car's temperature display. 
Apologies in advance, this post is a bit photo heavy. Congratulations if you make it to the end!

 The inside of the manor was set out as a journey through history, starting at 1425 then increasing in time with each room you stepped into. There were imitation candlesticks for the children to carry around with a battery powered 'flame', and a quiz sheet. 

The Great Hall...

Laid out on one of the beds was a sheet, printed on which were 'instructions for my new servant on night-time preparations'. What a job - check the bed for fleas, comb the lady's hair for lice, and be on call during the night for when she wakes. All that and then be up at six to start all over again! I wonder what minimum wage was in those days?

Laid out on one of the beds is the uniform and kit of 19 year old Albert Sprague. He volunteered to fight for his country and decided to join the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry. A National Trust volunteer was in the room and very kindly offered to get the rifle down from the wall for us to hold. It was surprisingly heavy, and it was quite humbling to be holding something that most probably killed people in not only the First but the Second World War too. 

The kitchen...

The 1950s sitting room was my favourite, and I could quite happily have settled down in there. The radio was on, the fire was lit, and some knitting was laid on one side. I was very tempted to pick it up and knit a few rows 😉

I spotted several lovely handmade crochet blankets too....

Next stop was the courtyard where you could browse the gift shop and get some refreshments from the small cafe....

There were several things to keep the kids interested whilst parents browsed the shop, including this great idea. You chose one of three characters who had lived on the estate, picked up the receiver and actually got to listen to them talking about a range of subjects...

Last on the to do list was have a look around the chapel. It is a ruin now but I guess would once have been quite impressive. It would be nice to have an image somewhere showing what it once may have looked like....

Just time for a quick push on a lovely swing hung from a tree, just the right size for two little bottoms to share....

Congratulations - you made it to the end! Happy Easter for this weekend to everyone who celebrates it.


  1. Hello there. Thank you so much for popping by my blog - it's lovely to 'meet' you. That looks like such a fantastic place to visit and I bet the children have a whale of a time with their little imitation candle holders. I'd be right beside you in that sitting room too! Wishing you a very Happy Easter. xx

  2. Brockhampton certainly looks an interesting place to visit. It is quite a way from us but I am going to try and talk my DH into making a visit, keep your fingers crossed that I manage to persuade him. xx

    1. Claire@homesweethome201528 March 2016 at 09:57

      Let me know if you do and we could pop along too, it would be great to meet you! Xx