Saturday, 5 March 2016

First UK birthday for Little Boy

The smallest person in our household is actually a Kiwi! We have been living in New Zealand for the last  six years, and seeing as we have only been home for four months (it seems so much longer than that!), this is his first birthday as a UK citizen. He has dual nationality, and so could live in either country, but I've decided I shall burn his passport so he can't grow up and leave me to live on the other side of the world 😉

He had great presents, and it was fun for him to be spending it with all the family he had never met when living the other side of the world. We didn't have a party, people just turned up when they felt like it which was good as it wasn't so overwhelming for him. He has settled into large family life well, and loves having all these Aunties, Uncles, Nannies etc. 
Big Girl drew him all the characters from In the Night Garden as one of his presents, and I laminated them for her. He loved them which was good. 

In fact In the Night Garden appeared several times, as he also got some of the character soft toys, and I also made some cupcakes and put rice paper cake toppers on them. They turned out really well I think. The picture below doesn't show the true colour, the icing was really blue (I had to look away as I poured in the blue food colouring; it took an awful lot to make that colour and I'm not a fan of artificial colourings normally)

I also decided to make a birthday wreath, something that could be kept and got out to celebrate everybody's special day. I know wreaths are more of an American tradition, but I think they are colourful and welcoming. Only problem is, you only see them when you come in the house! Silly idea really isn't it, a bit like Christmas twinkly lights. You spend lots of money, and ages putting them up, then only see them maybe twice a day when you come and go. The neighbours get to appreciate them more than we do! In fact Little Boy was quite disappointed when I hung the wreath on the outside of the door, as he wanted it on the inside (makes sense really). Maybe we could hand it on the door to welcome visitors, then have a special place to put it inside the house later on in the day. 
Anyway, I started off with this little lot....

And ended up with this....

I really pleased with how it turned out, but OMG my fingers were so sore after sticking in around 300 balloons with floristry pins. It's not quite finished, as I ordered some spotty balloons to just add the finishing touches. I'll show you the finished article when they finally arrive.  

I'll leave you with some beautiful spring flowers. My lovely mum gave them to me, so I decided to pop them in a china dish and they are brightening up our porch as we speak. 
Speak soon


  1. A very happy UK birthday to your son. I love the idea of the birthday wreath, it looks fantastic. xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your young man!! What a fantastic wreath, a great idea!! Love your tapestry cushions I spied too! xx