Monday, 28 November 2016

November Christmas

Oh dear, I gave in to something I've never done before,  something I never thought I would do......we put the Christmas tree up in November!!! Usually it goes up as soon in December as possible, but this year the 1st was a Thursday. So we had the discussion of whether we wait until the following weekend,    
do it the weekend before or attempt to decorate on the 1st. Putting up the xmas tree is no mean feat, getting it all down from the attic, assemble the tree, decorate it, then put up all the other numerous ornaments and nativity. A bit too much to do on a weekday after school/work, and it is something that should be enjoyed not rushed. 
So we thought to hell with it, we'll go for it and put the tree up in November! I've heard from other people since who have done the same thing so I don't feel too bad now. Anyway, the town's Christmas lights were turned on on Sunday, so why can't we?

Big Girl helped to wrap the fairy lights around the tree and put the decorations on. We always listen to Christmas carols whilst doing this, and it really gets you in the festive mood. The top of the tree is bent down so we could get the lights over the top. Not sure how we are going to squeeze the fairy up on top of there though...

Little Boy isn't yet old enough to be interested in tree decorating and was quite happy to play with Daddy & the Lego. 

He was however happy to help Mummy unwrap baby Jesus and the rest of the Nativity....

So the countdown is on, but we can't even put up our countdown snowman, as he starts at '24 sleeps to go', and we are still 27 sleeps away!

When do you put up your tree? Are you getting excited yet? We are!!



  1. Your tree looks beautiful and you nativity pieces. I love Christmas and our lot will be up over the weekend. As you say, it's no mean feat and often takes a couple of days to get it all down and then up! Our Christmas countdown is a snowman with a chalkboard, so our daughter changes it every day... it's been up quite a while already xx

    1. Lovely to hear from you Cheryl. I don't mind taking time putting up the tree, but I hate it when the time comes to pack it all away again. Trying to fit a six foot tree into a cardboard box takes a bit of time and a lot of swearing! X