Monday, 11 July 2016

Poppy love

I went to the Spring Garden show at the Three Counties a while back (that reminds me I took loads of photos to show you and never got around to it 😐). Anyway, I don't usually buy  plants form these shows as they tend to be overpriced, but I couldn't resist a ladybird poppy...

I was quite happy just with this one, until my sister in law gave me some peony poppy plants. As we are renovating the garden I decided to plant them in a big pot. They grew and grew until one day I came out to this...

Nearly there, what will they look like when they unfurl? 
They would look BeAuTiFuL that's what they'd look like!!

I didn't see any honey bees, but the bumble bees seemed to love them, and disappeared down into the ruffles to get the pollen...

They looked glorious for a few days, but then it got quite windy and they were gone, just a seed head left. The lower leaves looked quite scruffy too, so I think they would be good at the back of a border, to hide their tatty bottoms. So it was a very pretty, but very brief floral display. At least being in a pot I can move it to somewhere out of the way. I will definitely be saving some seeds to sow next year. 


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