Sunday, 24 July 2016

Car boot crochet

Big Girl, my sister and I went on our weekly hunt around the local car boot on Saturday. It was really busy this time, and I was quite pleased with my finds. One lady had a whole pile of cross stitch kits spread out on the floor. I so wish there had been more that I liked, as they were a bargain. I got all these for just £6, a great price as the horse one alone had a ticket price of £19.50!

I know, I have too much on my 'to do' list already without these before anyone says anything, but at that price how could I say no? The other thing I considered was what would I do with them all when I'd finished them, but I'm looking at them just as a form of entertainment on a cold winters evening when I want something to do. I may try to incorporate some into a bag or a cushion, it depends how adventurous I'm feeling. Anyone got any ideas what to do with them when they are finished?

I also got this felt kit to make a Christmas stocking. I thought it was a bit too adventurous but Big Girl wanted to make it for herself (obviously minus the name on the top!), so who am I to curb her creative interest? It only cost £2. 

I got one more thing for me which I love. It's a Martin Wiscombe print, and was the bargain price of 50p. I think I will frame it and it will go in my craft room. 
So that's my finds for this week, roll on next weekend! Have a good weekend, whatever you are doing.  The beginning of a looooong summer holiday 😫

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