Friday, 16 October 2015

Bye bye Banner

Today was a sad day. We fly back to the UK in two weeks today (eek!), so unfortunately Big Girl's pride and joy, her beloved pony Banner, had to go to his new home :-(

Have you ever had a day when you feel like the meanest mummy on Earth? Well I did today. She put on a brave face as the big horse truck came to fetch him, as we decided it was best not to get upset until he had gone in case he sensed something was going on. But as soon as it was driving away she burst into tears. 

For the 18 months or so we have had him, they have had great fun together, and she has learnt so much having the freedom to go out into the field whenever she wanted, and a lot of the time simply rode him bareback with a just a piece of string round his neck to steer him. She has sat on his back, reading him stories and just chatting, whilst he was busy munching. Two friends together. 

God, I feel mean. 

I bought her a silver locket which I gave to her a few days before he was due to go. Inside is a picture of him on one side, with a few of his tail hairs on the other. So she may not have him anymore, but at least she has a part of him with her forever. 

When you take the foam out to remove the necklace from the box, I had put another surprise underneath. Another photo of him!....

So I guess a necklace doesn't compensate for a real live pony, but it's the best I can do, and she loved it. She wore it all today. 
He has gone to a home which sounds great. It's an equestrian centre, where he will be used for advanced beginners and will also get to hack out by the river, and do Pony Club, ribbon days etc. So he will have heaps of young girls and boys loving him and fussing over him! Plus we can follow him on Facebook, and the owners have promised to keep in touch with updates. 

He left at 7am this morning and we got a message this afternoon to say he had arrived safely and was happy munching grass with another horse. 
Stay safe, be happy gorgeous boy


  1. This must be one of the hardest things about moving. It sounds as though Banner will have a great new home though with lots of love so that is a small consolation at least. xx

  2. I cannot begin to imagine how hard that was for your daughter and I can understand the guilt that you are feeling but it sounds as if Banner is going to have a happy time in his new home. I hope the next two weeks go well for you as you say goodbye to New Zealand. xx