Friday, 13 November 2015

Packing our bags

Oh dear, so much for keeping up with my blogging. It's been eight weeks since my last blog post but so much has happened. So now we are finally settled in our new home (yes, new home!!!!) I'll try and get back into it and let you know what's happened. So here goes.....

Well the end of October finally arrived, and we had the last few bits and pieces to wrap ready to be sent back to the UK. As we were doing the packing ourselves we tried to combine as many things together as we could, which ended up with some odd shaped packages......

The one above was a slide and a sunlounger, but we decided that it looked more like a dead body in a blanket!
We said goodbye to friends and neighbours, and got some nice cards and sweets for the kids to eat on the trip home....

OH had his last day of work a few days before we left, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a watch as a leaving present. Plus they very kindly offered to drop us off at the airport on leaving day.

We were due to fly on the Friday, so left the removals as late as possible so that we wouldn't be without our stuff for too long. On the Wednesday two very pleasant men arrived to start wrapping up the furniture. Little Boy was excited to see a big truck, but a bit intrigued as to why these strange men were taking all our things. 

On Thursdsy the big lorry arrived with the shipping container and a few extra men to help load it all in. They also bought the bad weather with them, and we watched our cardboard boxes going out in the rain....

There were brief spells of clear skies, and luckily all the furniture was wrapped in waterproof plastic, so it wasn't too bad. We couldn't see how so much stuff could fit into what looked like a rather small container. We came out with a 40ft container, but sold quite a bit of furniture so were going back with only a 20ft one. 

I had to rush around like a mad thing, making notes of numbers on packages and what they were. Everything looked the same when it was covered in plastic!

The driver did an excellent job of reversing back up the drive, and that was the last we would see of our worldy goods for around 8-10 weeks....

So we had one night of camping in our house. I had bought Little Boy a child's blow up travel bed, which he loved. Unfortunately, unbeknown to us it had a slow puncture so in the middle of the night he got off it and I found him in the morning flat out asleep on the floor in the middle of his room!

Our final morning was a mad rush of case weighing and checking cupboards. The house looked so big empty, but it wasn't going to be lonely for long, as it's new owners were moving in the next day.

So here the long journey begins. 



  1. I have been wondering how the BIG move went. Good to hear from you and hopefully by now you are settled in the UK and getting ready to celebrate Christmas. xx

    1. Thanks for staying with me Jan, I thought I would finally come back to blog land and everyone would have got bored and left me! Xx