Sunday, 4 October 2015

More boxes, no car and a big bill

Yes I'm still here, still packing. I found a free calendar I had, cut out October and stuck it on the fridge. It's now a scary reminder every time I cook or make a cup of tea of how fast the days are flying by...

I have lists of lists, lists in my head, lists on my ipad, lists on scraps of paper. 
We are gradually getting to the point where we are packing things we are still using. Who needs a bedside table when a packing box does the trick....

To be honest I actually prefer the box, it's bigger and a better height than the old bedside table!
Big Girl is camping in her room on a blow up bed with a sleeping bag, as we sold her bed on the weekend. She's quite happy actually as she says now there's space in her room to do gymnastics!

 I'm also chuffed to bits we have just sold the car, one less thing to worry about. The very nice man who has bought it said we could keep it until the weekend so we can have one last trip to the beach (cross your fingers for a nice weekend for us). 
So I'm madly planning everything that needs doing this week whilst I still have transport. It's a fifteen minute drive to town and we aren't on the bus route. Recycling, taking leftover toys/clothes etc to the charity shop, Little Boy needs his hair cutting. We'll be 19 days without a car - bummer! It's a shame as once all the packing etc was done it would have been nice to spend maybe the last week doing lots of fun stuff. Guess we will just have to sunbathe in the garden!

Did my last big shop at the supermarket yesterday.....

Did you notice the toy Land Rover perched on top? I didn't notice it at the time, and Little Boy was quite pleased his favourite car was in the picture! OH is sorted for the next three weeks - he has beer

It was scary when I got to the till. I don't think I've ever spent that much on food in one go before, or had a receipt as long....

Luckily we have been selling lots of bits and pieces that we don't want/need to take back with us, so I had plenty of cash to get rid of. 

Big Girl's pony goes to his new home next week, so she will be sad. He's going to a great home though and they are going to keep in touch with his progress. Even worse she won't be able to go back to school after half term, as I can't get her there. So I'll have two children stuck at home with no toys, no transport and for the last few days - no tv! No, we don't watch that much, but I'll be honest I have been a bad mummy and used it as a babysitter over the last few weeks whilst I have been busy packing. 

Right, Little Boy is having his afternoon siesta, so I'm off to do more sorting, packing, and more lists!



  1. I hope that it all goes well for you Claire. Keep going and it will soon be here and then it will also soon be over and you will be all moved! xx

  2. I can imagine it is scary but exciting at the same time packing up your home and moving to the other side of the world. Good luck with everything and enjoy your last few weeks in New Zealand. xx