Saturday, 4 July 2015

Open weekend #2

After a successful first open weekend, this one failed miserably and we had the grand sum of no viewings :-(
We went for another walk down the lane on Saturday, a bit further this time so we could see the pigs. We've had several piggies ourselves since we've lived here, but they are all gone now in preparation for us moving. It was nice to see little hairy people again, and they were quite happy to come over and say hi when I spoke to them.
Here's Daddy piggy...

Mummy piggy....

And the little baby piggies. I think they were shut in a separate part from mum and dad, as they didn't come down to see us. Shame as I couldn't really get a good photo of them, and they were cute. It's lovely seeing pigs out in the fresh air where they belong (I shudder to think of the horrendous life of sows in farrowing crates :-(   ). Don't get me wrong, I like a good bacon sandwich (free range bacon of course), but I think that they deserve a happy life. 

Our shadows made me laugh, I look like one of those circus performers on stilts!

This is our neighbour's house, a lovely wooden house with a veranda and two lovely pink trees on one side. Not sure what they are, but they I think they look pretty and add a splash of colour....

OH spoke to somebody recently who may be interested in buying our car, so when we got home we decided to give it a good clean (something I'm ashamed to say doesn't happen very often!). When we'd finished it looked cleaner, but a little dull, so I dug out the polish and nearly fell over in amazement when Big Girl asked if she could do it! I thought she'd get bored after a few doors, but fair play to her she finished the whole car, and it was a vast improvement....

Only problem now is it's so shiny and clean it shows up every little scratch and bump!
I just have to figure out now how to drive down dusty, muddy, rural roads without getting it dirty again and having to start all over again next weekend. Not sure if I can persuade her to polish it on a weekly basis!

Bye for now

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