Thursday, 16 July 2015

Final countdown

Well it was going to be two posts, one for the final Open Weekend then a big auction day post.
But the plan changed due to the outcome. 
Open Weekend #4 went well, with four viewings on Saturday, and two on Sunday. 
Then it was the nervous countdown until the Big Day on Wednesday. The Rescue remedy was on standby, for regular doses throughout the day, and I went from being quietly confident it would sell above the reserve, to being realistic and convincing myself it wouldn't sell. 
Sadly the latter was correct, and it didn't sell. Not. One. Bidder. :-(
So that's all I have to say right now as I'm not feeling very chatty at the moment. Let's hope there is someone waiting in the wings, who wasn't quite ready to buy on the day. 

I'll leave you with this

                                                            (via Pinterest)


  1. Hi Clare, thanks for visiting my blog :) I've been browsing your posts and when I came to this one I had to leave a reply. How soul-destroying must that have been :( I think your last quite is true though, all you can do is think it was meant to be this way and let things happen. Still frustrating though.

    1. Yes Jill, I believe that things happen for a reason, so obviously as much as I want to go home right now it isn't the right time just yet. I just wish someone would let me know when the right time is, so I can count down and get excited! Xx