Sunday, 28 June 2015

Open weekend

Last weekend was our first Open Home weekend. I find them a little frustrating, as you get the place all nice and tidy, then no one might turn up!
But although the weekend was miserable, with Saturday a washout, Sunday was a lot brighter and we had four lots of people turn up altogether. I was quite happy with that (even happier if one of them buys it!)

As Saturday was miserable, the little people had a treat, and got to watch a lot more tv than they would normally be allowed!

There was also some serious Playmobil action going on. Did anybody ever call it Playmobil? When I was little we always called it Play people. Most of the ones you can see in the photo below were mine when I was little, so I guess you could call them vintage!
I'm lucky that both my children look after their toys, so these have been passed down from me, to Big Girl, and now Little Boy (and still Big Girl, who now has an excuse to play with them again as they play together!). We have loads of the stuff, including a zoo, horse ranch, a mansion, a petrol station and Cowboys and Indians. I must secretly admit that I do rather like setting it all out, especially all the bits and pieces in the house. It's very satisfying until someone comes along and very selfishly plays with it and mucks it all up ;-)

On Sunday afternoon I decided we had been cooped up enough all weekend, so we all went for a little walk down the lane. There was a bit of moaning from OH, but he's only got next week off sick, then he's back at work so I reckon he needs to get a bit of exercise and not sit on his bum all day!
We walked as far as the deer farm. You can't see them very well in this photo, but there are lots....

There, I've zoomed in a little bit. I love my iPhone, and it can take a great photo, but it's crap when you need to zoom in on anything. 

Little Boy climbed a gate to see the calves. The problem we have at the moment is when we tell him to smile for the camera, he does one of these....
Cute, but not the sort of photo you put in a frame. Think we need to teach him to tone it down a little bit!

Then we turned around and made our way home (that's our house up on the left). It was nice to get out in the fresh air, even though it was a bit chilly, especially when the wind blew. I'd like to make more of an effort to do more of these family walks when we return to the UK. 

All too soon the little people will be grown up and doing their own things. That reminds me of a quote I found online. Sorry I can't remember where I found it (probably Pinterest):

Make the most of them, cherish them, they are a gift. 

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