Thursday, 31 August 2017

Wyevale bargains and a chocolate prize

We had to pop to Worcester today so whilst we were there I decided to pop into Wyevale. A few weeks ago the packets of seeds were half price, so I was hoping it was now time for the annual 50p clearance. Yippee, it was!!

All of the vegetable and herb seed packets were 50p. I would never normally buy seed mats as a) they are more expensive than a 'normal' packet of seeds, and b) it's just lazy! But for 50p I couldn't resist a few. The colourful cauliflowers look amazing, imagine those on your plate. The cactus seeds were picked by Big Girl. Her room is full of cactus plants that she buys really cheaply from the car boot from a man who grows them as a hobby. They take years to grow, then he sells them for a few pounds, but he says it keeps him amused. So even though she gets them really cheap, Big Girl would like to have a go at growing them herself, and at 50p for a packet of 30 seeds it's worth a try. 

I also got a few Christmas presents for children in the family. The build your own mini greenhouse, with cress, coleus and sunflower seeds to grow was £12 before. I checked with someone before I put them in the trolley, as I couldn't believe they would be reduced so much, but they were 50p too. I also got them a Grow Your Own pizza topping (basil and tomato), and sunflowers. Each box has a mini board game to play too. So a great present for two children, worth £33 altogether cost just £2!

I couldn't resist adding up all the seeds, including the ones above. Total real cost £62.51 - cost me £7. Happy me!
I don't think I need any more courgette seeds any time soon. This is what I got from one plant yesterday...

I put the 50p there just to show how GiNoRmOuS these babies are. Luckily I've discovered a lovely recipe for courgette and cheddar quiche. I also grabbed some tomatoes whilst I was in the garden. This is just a few, there are loads more ready. 

You may have spotted some split ones in there, which usually happens due to infrequent watering. The plants dry out, then get a good watering and the tomatoes swell and split. I really want to install an automatic watering system. I've put one out the front for the window baskets and having the plants watered twice a day has made a huge difference. They look gorgeous. 

Back to bargains, I also got a huge chrysanthemum for just £2. It was a bit squashed on one side but looks great squeezed in next to the asters I grew from seed...

The reason for popping to Worcester was to pick up a prize that Little Boy won a few weeks ago. That chap is one lucky boy, he always seems to win stuff! When we were at St Peters garden centre a few weeks ago there was a competition running to celebrate National Honey Bee day. Little people had to find the honey bee images hidden around the garden centre, and write down the name of the plant they were by. As usual when you enter a competition you think you'll have a go but won't win, but I was pleasantly surprised when I had a phone call saying that Little Boy's name had been chosen and he'd won! I thought it was only a chocolate making kit, but when we got there it was wrapped up with some honeybee chocolates, a bag of flying saucer sweets, a biscuit dinosaur (not sure how those two link in with bees?) and the box of Make Your Own Chocolate bee lollipops. 

The only problem is he keeps winning everything. He has just entered a colouring competition to win £150 worth of Playmobil. I only posted it this morning, and he's just asked when we can go to the shop to get his toys. He has to learn unfortunately that you don't win everything. Maybe I should get him to pick some lottery numbers, seeing as he seems to be so lucky!

Speak soon

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