Saturday, 24 September 2016

Poorly panda

Not much at the car boot yesterday morning, don't know if it is the change in the weather that kept people away. One little thing that caught my eye though was this poor little chap...

He was perched atop a pile of stuff, looking rather sorry for himself. I just knew if I didn't rescue him he would end up in the rubbish bin rather than being taken home. Apparently the man's dog had got hold of him and ripped his ear off, poor little thing. Soil handed over 20p, and Little Boy looked after him until we got home. After his canine altercation he was a bit smelly and dirty, so I gave him a gentle scrub with a cloth in some soapy water, then he had a warm up in the tumble dryer. He's now having a relax on the sofa but his forever home I think will be in my craft room, when it's finally finished. 

I've always been a sucker for the sick and deformed. When I used to keep fish I'd always end up coming away from the aquatic centre with the fish with one eye or half a tail!

There was also a man selling flowers and veg at the car boot, so I couldn't resist getting a gorgeous bunch of dahlias for only £1.50. There are plenty of buds in there so hopefully my display will last for a while...

Aren't they just beautiful, a wonder of nature...

Another thing I bought from him, which I've never had before, is a purple cauliflower. It looks rather weird doesn't it, I suppose it's because we are used to seeing white ones. I had heard that when cooked they lose their wonderful colour, but I steamed it and it stayed purple just a slightly lighter shade. 

And some sprouts which nobody seem very pleased about when I produced them at home. I wonder whether it's something to do with your tastebuds changing as you get older as I always remember hating the compulsory spoonful of festive sprouts. I can't say I love them now, but I do enjoy the occasional few, steamed of course not boiled to death. I made Big Girl have one on her plate, which she moaned about but when she popped it in her mouth she admitted she actually quite liked them now!

Right, I'm off to fix panda's hole in his head where his ear was ripped off. Now all he needs is a name, any suggestions gratefully received!


  1. We have a panda here called Penny or Penny Panda for short - short, I know! So I would suggest Penny or Percy for a boy! Beautiful flowers. xx

  2. Beautiful dahlias. I always like a bit of rhyme, so how about Amanda the panda?! xx

  3. I am sure that little panda is enjoying his new home. I am not a big fan of sprouts but if I must eat them, then I like them shredded and stir fried with bacon.