Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Getting ready for the greenhouse

There are quite a few pretty plants in the garden but I'm always reluctant to pick them. I bit the bullet the other day, and I'm rather pleased with my display...

What happened to the heatwave on Tuesday? Hotter than Thailand, followed by a possible storm? All we got was a wet, thunder and lightning, humid afternoon. It's strange weather at the moment, you never know what to wear. It was 16 degrees today, which was the overnight temperature one night last week. Seems it just can't make its mind up if it's summer or Autumn. 
I went for a trawl through the charity shops the other day, with Little Boy and my mum. I won't bore you with everything, just show you the best bits...

These jodhpurs were on the 'last chance' rail, and I snapped up two pairs for Big Girl for the grand sum of £1.98! 

Another great bargain was an energy saver lightbulb for an amazing 10p. There were several more, but I was a bit dubious why they were so cheap. I'm presuming they work...

My favourite buy was my shoulder bag. Slightly Cath Kidston in style, it has a blue spotty body with a colourful stripy canvas strap. I was quite happy to pay £3.99 for that. 

When I got home there was a surprise white bag on the doorstep. Our lovely neighbours have a cooking apple tree which is bursting with fruit this year. They offered to drop some round for me; I was expecting a carrier bag full, but I got a sack full instead - me thinks a trawl through Pinterest is needed to find some apple recipes. 

Good job I sent everybody out last weekend for a blackberry picking session, and another one is planned for this weekend. I give them a soak in a bowl of cold water to make sure any creepy crawlers are evicted, then drained in a sieve and open frozen. I love apple and blackberry pie, and I'm quite proud of the fact I make a good pastry. The pies often end up a bit rustic (I wouldn't win GB Bake Off) but I go for taste rather than looks!

After dinner it was a bit cooler so I decided to have a bit of time in the garden. I like to grow plants from seed, so have decided to invest in a greenhouse. If you're going to have a greenhouse, get a big one, so I've gone for an 8ft x 10ft. On a trip to the garden centre the other day I ventured into a greenhouse for sale that size, and couldn't believe how big it seemed - I can fit a lot of plants in one that size! Can't wait 😀. I've just ordered some slabs from B and Q which hopefully will turn up this weekend. I was surprised, I thought one of the builders merchants would be cheaper but actually B and Q were only about £4 more and that was with 10 extra slabs (have to buy in packs of 20 from them, and I needed 30). Also factor in my free delivery (saved £10), and £5 saved going via a cashback website, I'm quite pleased!

There's a bit of work to do before we are ready for the greenhouse to be delivered though, this is the area where it's going...

The silver birch is staying, as it will provide cover from the railway line, but everything else is being ripped out. The water tank under the table has come out of the attic, and I thought it would make a good water storage tank in the greenhouse. 
When I was tidying up some of the plants that are coming out I found an amphibian friend. I wish I could talk 'frog' and tell him/her that I might be taking away their home but in the end they will have an even better one. Wildlife friendly plants, bird feeders, bug hotels, nest boxes, and a pond are some of the things on the list. 

All in good time, wait patiently my hoppy friend

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