Friday, 20 January 2017

Happy New Year!

A belated very happy new year to you all! I was doing really well in December, with Elvis the elf visiting I was doing a daily post. Now I am ashamed that it is already mid way through the month and this is my first post of 2017.

Well the forecast snow on Friday 13th came and went in a few hours. What a disappointment. I didn't think it would come to much but I still got a little bit excited, just in case. Don't you just love it when it has snowed during the night, and you open the curtains in the morning to find a white blanket? Even better if you get to see it before any feet or car tyres have spoilt the pretty picture. 

On the house renovation front, we are still waiting for a builder (surprise surprise). The ones we have been in contact with are either too expensive or haven't got back in touch. So we decided to get the ball rolling on the weekend and started clearing the gravel from the back patio. 

It's all being bagged up and hopefully re-used somewhere, possibly in the bottom of the raised beds we are building around the lawn. I'm hoping a combination of membrane and a layer of gravel will keep the darned ground elder from invading the beds, at least for a few years.

We were a little surprised to uncover what looked like a pond shaped hole, filled with rubble. Rather worrying if it had been a pond, as the drains run along underneath there! Somebody suggested that it may have been a soak away that went wrong. Maybe we will find out when the building work finally begins. 

Speak soon (hopefully, if I pull my finger out and make an effort!)

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  1. I would guess your big hole is an old pond which has been filled with the bashed up old patio perhaps? Let us hope so as that will be easy to deal with! Hope the building work goes well and that you really enjoy the results!