Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wildlife in the garden

 There is a new addition to the household, would you like to see him? 

Can you see him, nibbling grass in the middle of the photo? Shall we get a bit closer?

Isn't he cute! His name is Peter (I know, totally unoriginal but it suited him). Shall we go and say hello? Ok, come on then....

Okay, I guess I haven't fooled you, he's not real! When we went to Wyevale garden centre I spotted him in the sale. He was £14.99 down to £4.50, so he just had to come home with us. The children think he's great, and he's certainly easy to look after - no feeding, mucking out, vets bills. 

I also got a solar powered butterfly that looks really realistic. You stick the spike into a pot, then when the sun comes out he flaps around. I did take a video to show you, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me upload it. 

Talking of wildlife in the garden, we also have some real life creatures. Remember Big Girl saved some frog spawn, and grew it on in a fish tank? Well they upgraded to an old sink in the garden and I presume they made it as we have been seeing lots of these in the garden...

This one was hiding under some tree branches I had piled up to shred, so I moved it to a slide we have  lay on the floor not yet made up. It fills up with rain water, so I thought it would make an ideal temporary pond. He's gone in there with a few small logs to sit on, and some leafy branches as cover. There were several other small frogs hopping around too, so hopefully they will return when we make a 'proper' pond. 

Well I better go, lots to do in the garden. The weather keeps changing from blazing sun to rain, so I have to make the most of the dry times to get out in the garden.

Speak soon 


  1. I must say that your rabbit looks far easier to look after than Hamish - no pooping, scrabbling and no chewing of wires - it sounds ideal! xx

  2. Yes, definitely the easy option if you want a rabbit! How lovely that you now have some frogs hopping around. xx

  3. For one brief moment you had me there, thought the bun was for real!