Thursday, 28 May 2015

Welcome to my world!!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Claire and I currently live in beautiful Northland, New Zealand with my husband and two children who for the purpose of this blog I will call Big Girl (age 11) and Little Boy (age 2). 
We have a lifestyle block with around six acres, and over the five years we have been here have had a whole host of animals (I think they call for a blog post all of there own sometime!). 

It has been a great place to bring up kids, free to roam the paddocks and play with the animals. Big Girl likes nothing better than riding her pony....

And Little Boy loves to help daddy in the garden, especially if it involves getting a ride on the mower...

You'll have to excuse the scary legs, OH has his 'kiwi' shorts on. You can always tell a kiwi bloke by the  extremely short shorts they seem to wear in all weathers!

But about nine months ago I started to get homesick, and we have decided (well I did, the others are needing a lot of persuasion!) that it's time to sell up and return to the UK. So if you know of anyone who fancies upping sticks and moving to The Good Life in NZ, send them my way will you - I want to come home!
The thinking behind this blog was to recall the good times we have had here (something we can look back on in the freezing cold depths of a UK winter ;-) ), track the ups and downs of moving yet again to the other side of the world, and maybe throw in a bit of crochet, knitting and other light hearted fun stuff. 

So if you want to join me on my journey, climb aboard, the more the merrier :-)
Bye for now!


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